1 Being Included and Being Excluded

Topic Progress:

Think of a time when you felt included in a group, and a time when you felt excluded from a group, e.g. when you were at school, at work, at a club or social occasion, or on a trip. What kind of emotions did you feel? Make notes on your answers in the forum SEN 3 – 1 Being Included and Being Excluded and then check the feedback below the image.


When you feel included and part of a group, you may feel happy, content, valued, useful, liked, and supported; you may experience a strong and satisfying sense of belonging. When you feel excluded, you may feel hurt, upset, stupid, worthless, isolated, lonely, rejected, disliked, different, angry, or sad.
Because of their experiences at school, students with special educational needs (SEN) can be excluded from accessing education, or they may feel excluded from the group. They may have many of the feelings you noted down. Feeling excluded can lead students to give up on learning and become demotivated because it is impossible to learn well if you are overwhelmed by powerful feelings of rejection and loneliness.