4 Creating a Supportive Environment

Topic Progress:

Listen to four teachers talking about how they create a supportive environment in their classrooms. Write down the main points of what each teacher describes and compare your notes with the feedback below. Then read about the task that follows.



Teacher 1 stresses the importance of showing consideration and respect towards students.

Teacher 2 asks a student to work with another student who has SEN, in order to make them feel included and help them to develop friendships.

Teacher 3 likes to involve parents and carers in their children’s education by meeting them in school or talking by phone.

Teacher 4 works with students to develop a set of classroom rules for everyone to follow.


Teacher 4 talks about using a list of classroom rules to help create a supportive learning environment. See some examples of posters of classroom rules here.

Use these ideas to help you draw up a list of classroom rules with your students and make a poster for your classroom wall.