2 Using Technology Effectively: Introduction to SAMR

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You or your institution can introduce technology to a class in different ways. The SAMR model, developed by Ruben Puentedura, is one way of looking at different levels of technology integration. It can help you start with simple uses of technology in your teaching, and to gradually build up to more complex uses as you (and your students) become more confident with using technology to support learning.

Read each of the letters in this model to find out what SAMR stands for. The SAMR model is read from the bottom to the top, starting with S at the bottom. How do you think the SAMR model would be useful for teachers who want to integrate technology into their classrooms? When you’ve seen all the letters in the model, read the feedback below to find out more.









The SAMR model is read from the bottom to the top. It starts with S (Substitution), which refers to using technology as a direct substitute for something we already do. It then moves up through more advanced uses (Augmentation, then Modification), up to Redefinition, where technology allows us to create completely new tasks that were not possible without that technology. In the next topic we will look at practical examples of each stage which can help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms.