2-4 Classrooms – Home Sweet Home!

Topic Progress:

For the last topic this week, we’re going to consider the places where we spend a large part of our (working) lives – our classrooms!

First of all, close your eyes and imagine your perfect classroom. What would it be like? How many students would be in it? 0 students is not allowed! 😀 What technology would be available to you? Plants? Lots of windows? etc. etc.

Now compare this with your current classroom(s). What’s different? What’s missing? If you could change your classroom to better suit you, what would you like to do? If you are in need of some inspiration then there is an article here.

If possible, add some photos of your current classrooms if you can so we can get a better idea of your day to day life as a teacher.

I’ve added mine to the forum

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